Respiratory Therapy

​St. Lawrence is staffed with a registered respiratory therapist who helps to assess the patient’s respiratory needs and goals. Patients who are admitted with underlying respiratory illnesses such as COPD, emphysema, asthma or sleep apnea, will be able to continue their treatment as needed or discuss other appropriate options.  The facility is equipped with a CPAP/BIPAP machine in the event that a patient is unable to provide their machine from home.

SLRC is recognized as a primary area rehabilitation hospital for patients with tracheostomy tubes. Each patient receives individualized care depending on the circumstances of the tracheostomy tube. Most of the patients will leave the facility free of the tracheostomy after being thoroughly assessed by several disciplines working together toward the same end result.

In some instances, the patient may have to return home with a tracheostomy tube – and in that case, home care services would be set up by the respiratory therapist. Patient and family education of the care of the tracheostomy tube would be provided before discharge.

St. Lawrence also offers smoking cessation counseling by a certified counselor. We recommend that patients who were smoking prior to their admission take advantage of this service in an effort to complete the total body / mind rehabilitation process. Patients will receive friendly, supportive suggestions on how to mindfully quit smoking for good.  These smokers generally feel more able to take on the challenge of quitting when they return home.