Junior Volunteers

​While most of our volunteer needs are during the day while juniors are in school, we do have limited volunteer opportunities for high school students age 14 and older, during the summer months, and a handful of opportunities for junior volunteers to continue on weekends during the school year. 

Click to download a summer volunteer application packet.

Please complete the application packet and submit to Debbie Miktus, Director of Volunteers.

College Students

Students seeking to fulfill required therapy volunteer hours are invited to submit an application to request a specific therapy department, supervised by a licensed therapist.

Please complete the application, include the specific therapy department, the number of hours needed, and detail your availability. Submit to Debbie Miktus, Director of Volunteers. 

Click to download a volunteer application.

Junior Volunteer Scholarships

To encourage Junior Volunteers to pursue higher education, the Volunteer Services Department presents annual Junior Volunteer Scholarships.

Several scholarships are awarded to the top students who apply and meet all eligibility requirements.

To be considered, a student must be a high school senior, have worked at least 50 hours during their volunteer service at St. Lawrence, submit a scholarship application, along with scholastic accomplishments and personal recommendations.

Scholarship applications along with submission instructions are sent to all eligible high school seniors each January.

For additional information regarding the scholarships, contact Debbie Miktus, Director of Volunteers at 609-896-9500 ext. 2430, or by email at