“The therapists and doctors really know what they are doing and try everything to get you better. I was glad my doctor knew about acupuncture because that really helped. The nurses were so patient and caring - I can’t really describe how good they were to me. They were like angels. I met a lot of people at St. Lawrence and everyone was kind. Kudos to the Brain Injury Team! Five Stars.”

– Mary, age 25, brain injury patient

"St. Lawrence embraced me, made me feel safe, and gave me confidence. I couldn't have gone to a better place."

– Roselynn, age 40

“The excellent care provided by the entire staff gave me confidence and courage to keep trying.”

– Carol, age 62, total knee replacement patient

“Services were very good, very pleasing, very helpful. Nothing 

but the best. The physical therapists were very, very good. 

They are the best. St. Lawrence helped me very much.”

– Nicholas, age 85, cardiac patient