‚ÄčThe Foundation of Morris Hall / St. Lawrence, Inc. is dedicated to the support of the mission of Morris Hall and St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center. This support is generated through the development of philanthropic endeavors and commitments from board members, patients and their families, employees, volunteers, business and community leaders, vendors, and corporations and foundations. The Foundation seeks to provide financial support that can help provide charity care for both patients and residents of St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center and Morris Hall. It also seeks financial support for programs and projects that will help provide quality health care and residential services, and will help recognize and address the needs of our community, including educational and research programs for employees, patients and the public.

The Foundation is responsible for both the generation of these funds and for proper stewardship of these charitable dollars. It is the obligation of the Foundation to invest these funds in a legal, competent and responsible manner and to utilize the monies as appropriate.