Physical Therapy

Patients receiving inpatient physical therapy at SLRC have many different medical circumstances – from joint replacement surgeries to fractures, from strokes to brain injuries. In all cases the goal of SLRC doctors and physical therapists is the same – helping patients regain their independence.

After the patient is seen by a doctor, he or she is evaluated by different therapists in areas that are specific to his or her injury. Treatment is received using state-of-the-art equipment from licensed therapists who are trained in the most recent technologies available in the medical community. When patients are physically able, they will often receive up to three hours of therapy each day.

SLRC strives to differentiate itself in the industry with its dedication to continuity of care. Patients and their families will always work with the same team, not a group of revolving doctors who have to relearn case specifics every time they see you. When questions arise, you’ll know which expert to consult with to get the answer you are looking for.

As the patient prepares to make the transition from SLRC to home, the therapy team focuses on both the mental and physical aspects of recovery. This includes doing their best to educate the patient and his or her extended family on any challenges that should be expected as well as ordering appropriate equipment as needed. SLRC’s years of experience in dealing with insurance companies helps to make the experience as trouble-free as possible for everyone involved.