Amputee / Orthopedics

The inpatient amputee program at SLRC offers its patients state-of-the-art pre-prosthetic training as well as access to the latest developments in artificial limbs. After being evaluated by a physiatrist, a doctor with a specialty in rehabilitative medicine, patients undergo an extensive therapy regimen, focusing on strength-building, mobility and working with independence-providing equipment. This regimen includes a full range of occupational therapy skills including dressing, kitchen skills and tools for daily living. Special attention is paid to the challenges that will need to be addressed once the patient returns home. These include stair climbing, walking on different terrains, and even driving again. As with other SLRC programs, the amputee program specializes in providing continuity of care with a group of therapists familiar with each patient’s case. Knowing that losing a limb to injury or illness is a life-changing experience, SLRC is where recovery begins.​