Outpatient Therapies

St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center’s Outpatient Therapy Department offers the latest advances in physical rehabilitation and state-of-the art technology, backed by almost 50 years of experience. From a single therapy to a comprehensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation program, St. Lawrence offers many services with highly skilled clinicians, to help you achieve the greatest recovery possible. 

We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, a concussion program, driver rehabilitation and vision training.  Therapists at St. Lawrence are able to effectively treat the most complex cases as experienced staff have specialized training in many areas. Staff also have advanced manual skills and training in order to address a wide range of orthopedic conditions and restore strength, range of motion, and function, and reduce pain.  Evidence–based treatment includes interventions to help with reducing spine, joint and muscular pain, improving balance and regaining mobility and upper extremity function. 
 Please contact our Outpatient Coordinators at 609-896-2515to schedule your evaluation or for additional questions.

Please contact our Outpatient Coordinators at 609-896-2515 to schedule your evaluation or for additional questions.

For clinical questions or to learn more about our facility, please contact Lisa Luskin, the Outpatient Clinical Director at