Dysphagia Program

​Dysphagia (swallowing problems) can be caused by a wide range of conditions including brain injury, stroke, or progressive disease. Our licensed speech therapists work with patients to help them improve the basic life function of eating.

A swallowing disorder can cause difficulty with biting, chewing, propelling (moving food through the mouth), swallowing, or a combination of the above. Dysphagia can include the following symptoms:

  • Pain or coughing when swallowing.
  • Coughing, choking and/or throat clearing after swallowing.

  • Delay in swallowing.
  • Residual food left in the mouth after swallowing.
  • A wet, hoarse or strained voice after swallowing.

Upon referral by a physician – the patient’s own doctor or a member of our staff – dysphagia patients receive customized treatment that may include the following:

  • A complete dysphagia evaluation performed by a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist.
  • An explanation of the swallowing process and the patient’s current deficits in this area.

  • A recommended course of treatment, decided in tandem with a team of St. Lawrence professionals.
  • Diet modifications for each individual.

Please contact our Outpatient Coordinators at (609)896-2515 to schedule your evaluation or for additional questions.

For clinical questions or to learn more about our facility, please contact Marlene Stankus, Director of Speech Therapy at or at (609) 896-9500 ext 2260