Speech Therapy

At St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center, outpatient speech therapy is offered to patients affected by stroke, traumatic brain injury, mild head injury, and other neurological disorders. Many patients transition from the St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center's inpatient program, while others come from outside facilities and hospitals. Outpatient Speech Therapy patients are offered a completely individualized program of care which includes work in such key areas as speech, language, voice, cognition and swallowing. Regaining skills in reading, writing, verbal reasoning, math, and memory is also emphasized.

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment or LSVT Loud is a specialized program to assist patients with Parkinson's Disease and associated neurological disorders. It's primary goal is to maximize and consistently produce adequate speech volume. Through an intensive program of exercises in session and at home, consistency of volume is encouraged for the purpose of carryover into conversation.

Since consistency in care is one of the most important components of a successful recovery, each speech therapy patient enjoys the comfort of working with one speech therapist during their rehabilitation. Our dedicated Speech Language Pathologists work with patients toward personal goals such as returning to work or school, communicating with loved ones, or enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Ongoing patient and family education and training is provided during therapy so that strategies can be reinforced at home in order to maximize recovery.

Please contact our Outpatient Coordinators at (609)896-2515 to schedule your evaluation or for additional questions.

The Speech Department is now offering telehealth services to patients if their insurance covers the service. For information about telehealth or for clinical questions, please contact Marlene Stankus, 609-896-9500, ext. 2260 or email