‚ÄčBecome a Volunteer!

Volunteers at St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center play an important role in patient satisfaction and add an extra dimension of personal service to our patients.

We are fortunate to have a large core of volunteers who donate an impressive amount of service hours. St. Lawrence values every volunteer's generous gift of time and talent.

Volunteers make a real difference and play an important role in the rehabilitation process at St. Lawrence.  There are opportunities to work in a wide variety of areas.  We have volunteers from many walks of life: students, retirees, homemakers and working people.

Volunteering gives people who are interested in a health career or people-oriented vocation exposure to the health field, the disabled and the elderly.  Reports and recommendations are written for these students and can be used for college entrance.  The greatest reward is seeing these young people returning as doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and other vocations.

To find out more about being a volunteer at St. Lawrence, please call Marlene Stankus, Director of Volunteers at (609)896-9500 ext. 2260, or email