Volunteer Testimonials

​“After 49 years with the Ewing Public Schools, I find heartwarming and fulfilled in helping our wonderful patients at the St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center.”

– Jim Gross, Ewing Township

“Being a volunteer with SLRC has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling activities of my life since my own stroke in 1997.”

– James Duke, Volunteer since 1997

“As a volunteer, I gained the experience needed to become an occupational therapist.  Not only was I able to observe what was involved with each therapy that the patients at SLRC participated in, but more importantly, was able to connect with each person, and listen to their life stories.”

– Jesse Hunter, Employee

“ I find it very rewarding to help others.”

– James Tuttmann

“To help your fellow man in his time of need is such a wonderful feeling.  I have done this for three years and every time I get home, I get a wonderful warm feeling, knowing I helped my fellow man.”

– James Sadiel

“At the end of the day, you walk away from your volunteer duties with the feeling that, even if in a small way, you have made a positive impact on someone."  You also can not help but leave with an education and better understanding of the rehab experience.

– Susan Mariente